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Bones are ignored, Curves are adored.

Summery curves!

Summery curves!

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She is so gorgeous! 

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Her outfit! <3

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Love her dress <3

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Anonymous Asked:
Hey I noticed that you don't post very fat women just kind of average sized ?

My answer:

Hi there Anon,

We don’t post pictures of obese people just as we wouldn’t post pictures of anorexic people because the main point of this blog is body acceptance and health, not ‘what is most beautiful’ every body is beautiful and everyone deserves to be healthy and healthy is what we post! 

xoxo Gabs

Tara Lynn x

Tara Lynn x

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Stunning &lt;3

Stunning <3

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Gorgeous &lt;3

Gorgeous <3

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Geek chic ;D xoxo

Geek chic ;D xoxo

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Love this so much xx

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We are two girls from London, we're both 16, and we are upset about how many thinspiration and pro-anorexia blogs there are on tumblr, and how it seems to glamorize a serious illness. We want to remind people how sexy and healthy it is to be curvy! After all, what size was Marilyn? xx

Get to know us better: http://whatsizewasmarilyn.tumblr.com/thegirlsbehindtheblog



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